Delivery time

The delivery time depends on the items you choose. If these are from the accessories category, the term is 5 business days. For technical stone products, the delivery time is 10 working days. If they are from “accessories and accessories for the bedroom”, delivery time is 7 working days. Products of category “for the garden” have a delivery time of 17 working days. If they are in the other categories, the deadline is 30 working days. The exception is the products mentioned elsewhere in the product description. When ordering multiple products, the longest is taken for delivery time.

After completing your order online, our consultant will contact you within 48 hours by phone or e-mail to confirm the order and specify all details.

You will be notified when the delivery date is nearing or in the event of a delay.

Delivery cost

We offer different options. It depends on the settlement, the volume and the weight. The cost of delivery can be seen before choosing a form of payment. It includes delivery to the customer’s address but does not include loading and unloading activities.

We use Speedy’s courier services and delivery prices are according to their rates.

In the video below you can see a demonstration of how to entrust the cost of delivery to your chosen products.